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English Translations of Kimhae Kim Clan Genealogical Records
(金海金氏族譜英譯, 김해김씨족보영역)

The Kimhae Kim Clan (金海金氏, 김해김씨) is one of the largest family clans in Korea. Its claim to fame in history is that its progenitor is King Suro of Gaya (首路王, 수로왕, 42?-199), the legendary founder of the Gaya State (伽倻國, 가야국 or 駕洛國, 가락국). The Kimhae Kim Clan has the same progenitor as the smaller Kimhae Heo (金海許氏, 김해허씨) and Yangcheon Heo (陽川許氏) Clans.

As a member of the Kimhae Kim Clan, I will make a translation of genealogical materials of the clan and will make them available on this blog. I imagine that this will be a long term project with one or two editions of the genealogical record translated each year.

Genealogical Records (族譜, 족보)  (Not a Complete Listing)


  • Records of the Garak State (駕洛國記, 가락국기) [Original Text]
  • Martyrology of the Angyeonggong Sub-Branch of the Kimhae Kim Clan (金海金氏安敬公派殉敎譜, 김해김씨안경공파순교보).
  1. Bypasser said:

    Do you own those records? Just wondering if you took the picture yourself.

    • 歸源 said:

      I unfortunately do not. I found these on other Korean blogs.

  2. F. David Lee said:

    Maybe 15 years ago I found a series of hard-bound books on the Kimhae Kim Clan chok-bo in the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City. There were probably 20 books written in Chinese characters covering close to two millenia. I don’t know if they have been translated into English. I was interested because my first wife (now deceased) is descended from a royal line in southwest Korea centered in Gang-jin, Cholla-nam Do. I believe her great-grandfather, Kim Kap Doo, was the last king (wang) in that line, and was born about 1850. My wife translated records into English on that line back a king born in 1659, Kim nugu-nugu. I don’t read the Chinese, and the English records aren’t convenient right now. The Church may have already translated some of the records you plan on translating into English, or, if not, they would surely be interested in obtaining copies of your translations. They have huge holdings available to everyone for research. I’ll be happy to assist in connecting you to the right people, or their website at, or would get you there. Kamsahamnida!

    • 歸源 said:

      I have a relative that still attends the family clan association (종친회). I could get resources from him if I would like. Nonetheless, I am interested what the LDS church archive has. My email is listed on the side panel. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

      I am not sure what you mean by last king. The last royal family, which constituted the Chosun dynasty, were the Jeonju Yi Clan. They were not Kim. Another meaning of the the term 王(왕) is actually just to refer to someone deceased in a very respectful manner. For instance 王考(왕고) means deceased grandfather.

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