Kuiwon’s Hanmun Grammar Primer
(漢文文法解說, 한문문법해설)

The vast majority of literature written by Koreans before — and even during the early years of — the latter half of the twentieth century is in Classical Chinese, or Hanmun (漢文, 한문) as it is called in Korean. To understand the grand patrimony of Korean culture, it is thus important to be able to read and understand Classical Chinese texts. Those that wish to read Classical Chinese texts, however, find themselves frustrated by the lack of suitable primers. Most Classical Chinese primers for English speakers are written for readers who are fluent in Mandarin. Those that are studying the Korean language and culture are therefore highly inconvenienced and disadvantaged.

This grammar primer is intended to resolve this need and is written for those with an intermediate proficiency in Korean. This primer will not teach Chinese characters, or Hanja (漢字, 한자), as there are already a number of good online and print references for doing so.

English Translation of Kimhae Kim Clan Genealogical Records
(金海金氏族譜英譯, 김해김씨족보영역)

The Kimhae Kim Clan (金海金氏, 김해김씨) is one of the largest family clans in Korea. Its claim to fame in history is that its progenitor is King Suro of Gaya (首路王, 수로왕, 42?-199), the legendary founder of the Gaya State (伽倻國, 가야국 or 駕洛國, 가락국). While this is true, in actuality the family clan consists only of descendants of the Shilla (新羅, 신라, 57BC-935AD) General Kim Yushin (金庾信, 김유신, 595-673), who is a descendant of the ninth and last King of Gaya StateKing Guhyeong (仇衡王, 구형왕, 521-532), who in turn is a descendant of King Suro. The Kimhae Kim Clan has the same progenitor as the smaller Kimhae Heo (金海許氏, 김해허씨) and Yangcheon Heo (陽川許氏) Clans.

As a member of the Kimhae Kim Clan, Kuiwon (歸源, 귀원) is making a translation of genealogical materials of the clan and will make them available on this blog.

  1. Hello, what happened with your premier about Classical Chinese? I thought it was quite useful but I can’t find it anymore.

    • 歸源 said:

      I wanted to polish them. I will repost them later.

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