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About the Blogger

Kuiwon (歸源) is the pen name (號, 호) of the author of this blog. He grew up in Seoul, Korea, where he first started learning Hanja (漢字, 한자) in elementary school. During the late 1990s, at about the age of 10, he moved to the United States, where he still resides. He continued to learn Hanja (漢字, 한자) as a hobby and progressed onto reading Classical Chinese prose (漢文, 한문) and poetry (漢詩, 한시). Kuiwon later started this blog as a means to brush up on his Classical Chinese and to give him a break from his research work as an engineering student.

His email is kuiwonblog[at]gmail.com. Please do note that Kuiwon is merely a hobbyist in this field. All translations here are his own, unless otherwise noted. He is by no means an expert on Korean or Chinese history and is learning a lot as he continues to post. Furthermore, although he is proficient in Korean and familiar with Japanese, he does not know any Mandarin.

Format of Blog Posts with Translations

The format of blog posts for translations is based on many  Korean books with both the Classical Chinese original text and Korean translations are arranged, and generally is as follows:

  • Brief biography of the author, any necessary background information, and personal comments
  • Original text in Classical Chinese along with the Korean pronunciations of the characters
  • A literal translation of the Classical Chinese into English
  • English definitions used for each Chinese character in the text
  • Annotations, which give more information that may be necessary to fully appreciation or understand the translation.

Romanization Policy

This blog will use the Revised Romanization of Korean ( 國語의 로마字 表記法, 국어의 로마자 표기법) for Korean words, unless there are already other common romanizations. For instance, the surname 金(김) will not be romanized “Gim” but with the more common “Kim.”

As for Chinese words, the author of this will use primarily the Pinyin romanization and also give the Korean pronunciation and the romanization thereof.

  1. Jina @ Ink Peony said:

    Kuiwon, thanks so much for your interest in my blog! Your work here is amazing (esp. considering you’re a hobbyist). I’ve been reading classical Chinese for a few years now, but never even considered reading Korean texts. It’s definitely something I’m interested in, though, so I’ll be making use of your resources 🙂

    • 歸源 said:

      Thanks! I really enjoyed looking at your calligraphy on your blog.

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