Li Bai Makes an Appearance in a Korean Hangover Cure Commercial

Li Bai (李白, 이백, 705-762) is probably the most acclaimed poet in Chinese history, quite famous for writing poems while drunk. The poet now appears prominently on the face of a hangover remedy drink made by a Korean beverage company, Haitai Beverages (海陀飮料, 해태음료), called Yi Taebaek’s Secret Cure for Hangovers (李太白- 宿醉秘策, 이태백의 숙취비책). (In Korea, Li Bai is better known by his courtesy name (字, 자) Taibai (太白, 태백), which in Korean is pronounced Taebaek.) The product has been out since June, but the commercial above was released on December 23 and has gained popularity on Korean social media. In the commercial, Li Bai informs a stooped over drunken passerby that he will instruct him on proper techniques for drinking during New Year celebrations. The poet then makes a prominent entrance into a restaurant, and sits with a group of people at a table. He then instructs them on his three tips to prevent hangovers:

  1. Novice level: Hold the alcohol in your mouth and while pretending to drink the water spit out the alcohol.
  2. Intermediate level: Concentrate energy upon the glass and pour some of the alcohol into the other’s glass while clanking glasses.
  3. Expert level:  Place a necktie into the glass to absorb the alcohol and then squeeze out the alcohol beneath the table.

Finally, Li Bai introduces to the guests his new product. (I do not know whether it actually works, and am well aware that hangover remedies often are not effective. At any rate, I hope everyone had a happy — and hangover-free — New Year’s!)


  1. Alice Cheang said:

    Oh, this is so lovable. Happy New Year!

  2. setohj said:

    Thanks for an entertaining and educational blog/video. The video reminds me of the Canadian comedic duo of Wayne and Shuster who used to regularly bring together literary high brow and pop culture. They had a big influence on the producer of Saturday Night Live.

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