Exhibit Announcement – Children’s Instructional Books

Kimhongdo - Hunjang

I hope readers enjoyed the series of translations on traditional Korean board games. I do apologize for the decline in quality, as I have been somewhat busy as of late. For the next exhibit, I will be translating excerpts from various Classical Chinese works that were intended for the instruction of children. I imagine this series will be helpful for those who wish to learn Chinese Characters (漢字, 한자) or Classical Chinese (漢文, 한문). I will include works from both Korean and Chinese sources. If you have any suggestions for instructional books meant for children, please let me know by either commenting on this post or emailing me at kuiwonblog[at]gmail.com.

  1. Jeff said:

    Thank you so much for your work. You are truly inspirational. Where you get all these sources must be a herculean task!

    • 歸源 said:

      Thank you. I think the compliments are a bit overboard though. There are actually a lot of Korean blogs that do what I do — but are in the Korean language of course. I get a lot of the original text from these blogs.

  2. Jeff said:

    My compliments are not exaggerated. You are perhaps too humble. As a hobbyist, I know the herculean task of translating such kinds of classical works. Not only the language you need to convey accurately but also of the allusions lurking in them. It is very refreshing to see such humility nowadays.

  3. 스님 said:

    천자문, 사자소학, 명심보감, 동몽선습, 추구집

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