Exhibit Announcement – Korean Traditional Board Games


I hope you enjoyed the translations of poems on Korean culinary customs. I could have translated many more poems on Korean cuisine, but I had to move on. At any rate, for the next two or so weeks, I will be translating a series of poems on Korean traditional board games, such as Yutnori (윷놀이), Baduk (바둑), and Janggi (將棋, 장기), and few others.

If you any suggestions for exhibits, please leave a comment and or email me at kuiwonblog[at]gmail.com.

  1. Jeff said:

    Thank you for your postings and an enlightened insight into your culture and mine through a different language interpretation of my language. Though I may differ in the opinion in some of your translations into English, nevertheless, hats off to you for your great effort in dissemination such wonderful knowledge. Keep on coming! I have learnt much from you.

    • 歸源 said:

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Let me know how I can improve the translations. I prefer literal translations, which I understand can be a bit difficult to comprehend at times.

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