Huang Jingren – Winter Night

Huang Jingren (黃景仁, 황경인, 1749-1783; Hwang Gyeong’in) was a poet from the Qing dynasty (淸, 청; 1644-1912; Cheong). His courtesy name (字, 자) was Zhongze (仲則, 중칙; Jungchik) and his pen name (號, 호) was Lufeizi (鹿菲子, 녹비자; Nokbija). He lived very unfortunately throughout his life, having lost his father and brother at the age of 4 and having had to beg for food later on. Despite these difficulties, he was well-versed in prose and poetry, and did pass the one of the entry civil exams (鄕試, 향시). His most representative work is the Liangdangxuanji (兩當軒集, 양당헌집; Yangdangheonjip).

冬夜 동야

Winter Night

空堂夜深冷 공당야심랭
欲掃庭中霜 욕소정중상
掃霜難掃月 소상난소월
留取伴明光 류취반명광

My empty house, as the night grows deep, becomes cold.
I wished to sweep away the frost in the courtyard.
So I swept away the frost, but found it difficult to sweep away the moon.
Having stopped, I gained friendship with the bright light.


  • 伴(반) – A pair (짝); friend or companion (반려).

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